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 how to heat with firewood with POWERFUL WOOD 

ignite the firewood with POWERFUL WOOD 

Starting the stove with raw wood is slightly different from the usual procedure: Prepare the stove as usual. Take small twigs and lay them in a herringbone pattern. Make sure there is enough space between the sticks to let some air in. If there are no twigs or twigs, you can make them out of bark. Peel the log, turn the bark into strips. Light the stove. Close the shutter, the ventilator should be open. After a while the bars will get hot and you can put raw wood, leaving a distance between them. Paper can be added to speed up the combustion. Thin chips create heat, which helps the moisture from the wood evaporate faster. It takes about 15 minutes for the carbon monoxide to evaporate. After this time you can open the damper and the door. Put firewood in small portions for better burning.
It is necessary to monitor the level of draught by the color of the flame. Are the flames bright white and is there a humming noise in the stove?

You have to decrease the draft urgently.

If the smoke is black and the flame is red, you should increase the draft.

The normal color of the flame is yellow-golden, burning is even, without crackling and smoke.

Raw wood can be "made to burn" better.

There are a couple of time-tested methods to speed up the process: Take regular coarse salt and sprinkle the wood with it. You can use salt before and during the firing process. It absorbs moisture, which facilitates the kindling of wet firewood.

Use an axe to shave off the top layer - the bark and some more.

Finely chop and subsequently use it as a firelighter.

The wood is much drier inside and it will be easier to light it.

Chop the cleaned log lengthwise as finely as possible. Make the lighter fluid. Mix alcohol and laundry soap in the ratio of 1 to 1 and use at the beginning of the process.


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