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Firewood delivery

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chopped firewood with delivery

Type of transport
Approximate price for the delivery of 1m³ firewood
480 UAH
Truck from 10 to 15 m³
460 UAH
Truck from 15 to 25 m³
430 UAH
370 UAH

Delivery is carried out by a personal car fleet. We carry from 3 m³ to 40 m³ in one car. Stacking during loading and unloading of chopped firewood is done manually. Stacking in a drovnik is possible, it is stipulated when ordering by phone in advance. The delivery cost depends on the volume of firewood and the location of the unloading point, you just say on the date and time. With us you can order split firewood with delivery, the price will make you happy.

Payment is made upon delivery, or by bank transfer is stipulated in advance with our employee.