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Cutting down trees

Removal of broken trees

tree trimming

removal of trees with roots

removal of trees that can cause an accident

We work by bank transfer. Tel.:+380955075999


sawing in parts with blanking

any complexity



tree cutting

We perform emergency tree removal, pruning, rooting and felling. Our team of professionals will provide services even in the most difficult locations, we know what to do in any situation. If necessary, we will help with the disposal, the terms of the fee is stipulated in advance.

The work algorithm is as follows:

1)you call the manager, for a preliminary inspection requires a photo or video of the object (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram);

2) the manager passes information to a specialist;

3) you call back specialist said a preliminary cost, the final cost of services said specialist after visiting the site and drawing up an estimate, within Kiev for free;

5) on the appointed date we do our work!