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To begin with, before buying firewood, it is necessary to clarify all the details with the seller: the length and diameter, what species there will be, in what form they carry ( in bulk or folded) and whether the coefficient is applied. Let's look at the requirements what should be the size of the wood and what is allowed in firewood, according to GOST 324388 (GOST for the USSR, but still refer to it when making bids in Ukraine) Dimensions firewood set: the length - 0,25; 0,33; 0,50; 0,75; 1,00 m; thickness - 3 cm or more. Pit and sapwood rot is allowed to be not more than 65% of the end area. The quantity of firewood with decay from 30% to 65% of the end face area shall not exceed 20% of the batch volume, and when using firewood at factories up to 40% of the batch volume is allowed.

 So now we found that in firewood allowed rot and branches from 3 cm and allowed not in small volumes up to 20%, and in enterprises up to 40%, let's discuss it from both sides of the buyer and the seller. The buyer has the right to demand that he brought in cubes of wood, not in storerooms, that is, using a coefficient of 0.7 or 0.64 (the table will be at the end of the article) but he should also understand that he can bring branches of 3 cm and rotten and rotten wood about 20%. The seller should also rely on GOSTs and not bring the same rot and branches. But many consumers are not satisfied with the fact that when you order firewood they bring a "lot" but the quality will be questionable, so many sellers, including us stipulate each client 2 options for delivery: in cubes using the coefficient and in storerooms. Price will be different, but if you order in cubes look at what's allowed there and whether you like it, if you order in stock meters then again we should talk to the seller that the factor will not apply, but the diameter should not be 3, but at least 10 and rot and ruhn should not be more than 5%, if exclude it - it will be selected firewood and the price will be different. Therefore it is necessary to stipulate everything before delivery and if you need firewood with a minimum amount of trash and without branches it is better to stipulate it before delivery, as a rule the compromise is reached on the fact that the seller brings all without trash and without branches, but also does not apply the coefficient.