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Where to dry firewood

What time to dry firewood

With the onset of cold weather every dacha owner thinks about how to dry wood - birch and other species - quickly. Rainy weather is not conducive to drying, and wet wood burns poorly.

It is important to dry the firewood properly so that it gives off maximum heat to the space and does not smoke. How to do this, and when is the best time to start making them?

How and where to dry firewood

With the beginning of autumn, the question of heating the house and bath becomes acute. If you do not prepare the right amount of firewood in advance, the purchase of ready-made firewood will cost a lot. How to properly dry birch firewood so that it burns well? To do this, you need to saw and split the wood into billets 15 cm wide and no more than 40-45 cm long. After that you should form a pile of them under a canopy and cover it with a tarpaulin. If there is high humidity outside, it is recommended to dry the wood in the house near the stove.

On a side note! How can you tell if the material is ready? A well-dried log makes a muffled sound when it hits another log. Also, large cracks form on it.

If the wood will dry in the house, the process will accelerate. To ensure ventilation, you should stack the logs correctly: alternating them lengthwise and crosswise.

How Long to Dry Firewood

How to dry chopped birch firewood quickly? You put a small amount of wood near the heated stove, and within a week it will be ready. Denser wood takes longer to dry. However, do not put wood logs too close to the stove: they can catch fire. Don't ignore the fire safety rules!

How long does it take for wood to dry? Outdoor wood logs dry out in 3 months. A favorable environment must be created for the wood:

The wood must not touch the ground;
Good ventilation is essential.

If the logs are stacked directly on the ground, the lower rows can rot and get moldy. That is why the wood should be placed on a bedding that protects it from moisture and insects.

Birch and aspen dry out quickly. It takes much longer to dry oak or conifers. Still, drying birch firewood outdoors will take at least three months.

However, you should not over-dry birch logs: they burn quickly and do not have time to give heat to the room. Properly dried wood retains moisture up to 20%, smolders evenly and ignites easily.

It is better to prepare the raw materials for drying in early summer so that they have time to dry well. For the Kiev region should be harvested in early spring, otherwise the wood will not have time to dry.

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