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Pine is a unique coniferous species, the range of its growth is very large and diverse, from the northern hemisphere to the mountainous tropical and subtropical belts. The average lifespan of the plant is 250 years. The characteristics differ from place of growth, but if to average it is possible to say that the height of it reaches 25-30 meters, there are cases of growth and 50 meters all depends on climate and soil, the trunk circumference of the pine is about one meter. Pine is of great importance in the economy, it is used in construction, in the manufacture of furniture and in heating. Pine trees need at least 10 years for industrial purposes, less than paulonia (5 years), while oak trees need at least 50 years and, in addition, oak is much more demanding in terms of habitat and climate. 

  The use of pine in construction, namely pine boards as timbering is currently almost irreplaceable and the most budgetary way in construction, which saves time and money.

  Also pine is used in the manufacture of furniture to the pallets, without which nowadays not a single production can do. This material has a number of advantages over other species, namely, easy to handle, as belonging to the soft species, which allows you to reduce waste and produce a board with a "jeweler's" accuracy without having expensive equipment, well, actually the cost of the material itself is several times lower than other species.

  Pine is used for heating on an industrial scale both as firewood and for production of wood chips, pellets and briquettes for heating. Pine firewood is used as a budget heating option, they are especially good in those places where you need to raise the temperature dramatically, or to heat water. Also the plus is the price of the material and transportation, it is cheaper to transport pine firewood than others, as they are lighter and in the industrial scale it plays a significant role. Processing pine for firewood also wins over many species, that is, to saw and cut pine is much easier than the hard or hard-leaved species. Dries this breed very quickly as a chamber and air-atmospheric drying, which again makes it cheaper to produce firewood before use. But there are also disadvantages, calorific value of pine is about 1700 kWh/m3, for example oak has 2100 kWh/m3. Also to the disadvantage can be attributed a fairly rapid burning, a large amount of resin, which can lead to further clogging the chimney.

  Thanks to pine we also have such a stone as amber, which is especially popular in the countries of the East and Asia and has a rather high cost in this market.