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How nice it is to have a fireplace in the house. Since ancient times, when there were no televisions or computers, it was considered a great luxury to have a fireplace at home.


True, not everyone could afford it, but only wealthy people. What a beauty it is when relatives or friends or just acquaintances come to visit you, and you have something at home to surprise them.


For this day there are so many different varieties of fireplaces that will very much suit your interior. What else can be more beautiful when there is such a beauty in the house, which is nice to look at, and from which goes



People who have in the house of gas, they are still building fireplaces, because nowadays it is very prestigious to have it. In winter we always want warmth, and sometimes you come from work in the house, and on the way to him or enter a puddle or get under the rain, but you'll enter the threshold of his house, and there is a bright flame of fireplace, and immediately improve your mood.


It is also very nice just to sit near it, read a book, just relax and take a glass of red wine and forget about all the bad things.


The good thing about this fireplace is that if there's a gas breakdown or the lights go out, you won't be able to cook breakfast anywhere, and with it you can always throw a couple of logs and cook food, or even dry things.


A fireplace in the interior is associated with warmth and luxury. It can often be the main element in the interior. Modern technology allows you to place a fireplace in any room.


Even the absence of a chimney will not be an obstacle, because a lot of solutions allow the fireplace to work without smoke and perform its main function - to warm the room.

As a modern solution, you can use island or mobile fireplaces. The classic view is considered a wall or corner closed fireplace.


And the different materials from which perform fireplaces simply amaze. Traditional brick, marble, metal, and recently even glass in the performance of such an element of the interior look interesting and stylish. Thanks to the combination of materials, you can create a real masterpiece.


To make the fireplace stand out in the room and attract the eye, it is necessary to choose its style, which would correspond to the interior design of the room.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the design of the portal, so it blends with the design of the walls, with furniture in style and color. Decide on the type of finish and texture material.


Often, it is a combination of textures makes the fireplace exclusive and memorable. There are a huge number of fireplaces on the market. You can always find one for every taste. Which fireplace to choose depends on

Fantasy and design ideas.