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Differences between firewood and boards

Differences between firewood and raw materials for firewood

Why can't you save money on this?

A client turned, need wood pine 50 cubic meters. Started to knock down the price, etc.  We:

- No problem, everything is, when to bring?

Then it turns out that we need 4-meter long firewood.

 Okay, let's make 4-meter, sent a photo, all right.

5 minutes call:

- Well actually they are some thin, you can be thicker, let me come to cut down, that you have not put me rot, I look?

Well, after another 5 minutes of conversation :

- I need wood for a board. 

  Wood on the board called "business timber" and the price is completely different. With all due respect to our customers, we do not allow anyone to cut wood:

1) it's not safe;

2) They start saying, "I don't need this, and I won't take it; it's crooked;

3) "Agreements" with our loggers like "let's do it cheaper, I'll say I've changed my mind, I don't need the documents...".

To avoid all this, we do not allow outsiders on the felling, but if brought on the fact of even this volume of advance payment is not taken, which means the risks are only on our side, we never podsovali rotten wood, but for long-term business relationships with customers have always added wood "on shake". We will negotiate with the client about the technical raw materials. So for a quicker understanding, please tell us what exactly are you interested: firewood, business timber, or cheaper option - technical raw materials. We will advise you the best option.