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kebab wood

fruit firewood for a kebab

Shish kebab firewood made of hardwood


Wood for a kebab is as important as the right marinade or meat. But not many people pay much attention to the choice of wood for a kebab - just as long as it burns! And as a result, they get pieces of meat in soot and with a strange taste, which one does not even want to eat.

Therefore today we shall try to find out what are the best wood for kebab, and which should be refused. Of course, every cook, even an amateur, has its own secrets for cooking kebab. Therefore, the information presented in the article can be called recommendations, but in no way iron rules.

Fruit wood for shashlik

Here is an unequivocal yes! Many kebab-men admit that the best wood for kebab is from fruit trees. The "pluses" of fruit wood for kebab cooking include good heat, the ability to hold the temperature for a long time and transfer a delightful subtle flavor to the meat.

Fruit wood for shashlik fulfills the main condition: its wood is dense, so it is able to burn for a long time and keep the heat. Thus, the meat will be able to cook in its own juice, as required for a real kebab. Such wood for shashlyk is better to prepare in late autumn. The bark does not have to be removed.

Now a little walk through the main species of fruit trees:

- Cherry. Ideal for game, poultry, veal, offal, pork and lamb. Cherry wood gives enough smoke, so you can achieve the effect of "smoked" kebab. No cherry wood in the right amount - no problem, it is enough to ask a couple of sprigs, and the meat will be saturated with a subtle flavor.

- apple tree. Like the cherry, gives enough smoke, saturates the product with flavor. Suitable for kebab of poultry, game, veal, by-products.

- pear. Loved by kebab cooks for the wonderful flavor that the wood imparts to the meat.

- grapes. Very good variant for shashlyk: in spite of the thinness of the "logs" the vine is able to smolder for a long time, give the steady heat and excellent taste to the meat.

Shashlyk wood from other fruit and fruit trees will also work. Wood of peach, apricot, plum, hawthorn, bird cherry, mulberry, lemon, pistachio will burn for a long time, give coals and saturate the wood with a fine flavor.

Shish kebab firewood made from hardwoods

[Birch wood for kebabs] The "yes" here will not be as unequivocal as in the case of fruit trees. The realities are that you often have to choose wood for shashlik from what you have, and if you cook shashlik at the cottage - fruit trees grow at hand. But those who do not have a dacha are content with the more common birches, lindens and oaks.

Let's consider what hardwood is suitable for kebab:

- birch. This type of wood gives enough heat, but is very smoky and smoking. As a result, the kebab can be a little sooty. Therefore, birch wood for kebab should be used carefully.

- Poplar. Poplar wood gives a bright beautiful fire, but quickly burns out, gives no heat, but gives the meat an unpleasant "heavy" taste. The same applies to walnut.

- ash. The dense wood of ash is good for kebabs, because it can keep the heat for a long time. The only thing is that it is difficult to ignite it. This can be said about hawthorn and beech.

- linden, oak are excellent for kebab, they can give good coals.

- Alder, aspen - give low heat.

- Saxaul is an ideal economical option. Unfortunately, it is not available to many people.

In general, we can say that the wood from deciduous trees is better for kebab, the denser it is. But it will not give the flavor to the kebab. However, no one forbids to make a mix and add to the oak and lime coals a little bit of cherry.

Bark from deciduous trees should be removed before sending it to the fire - they smoke and will give nothing for the meat except soot.

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