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Meter-long firewood

Wood for heating

We conclude contracts for the delivery of firewood, we stipulate the species, the total amount and make a delivery schedule. In the process you can make adjustments to increase or decrease the total volume, we can also conclude an additional contract for stacking and unloading, if it is not transported by dump truck. We are engaged in preparation of industrial quantities and can provide firewood for the entire heating season, the volume of over 500 m³ we calculate the price individually. We are logging firewood in several locations located throughout the perimeter of the Kiev region, so upon receipt of the order is calculated in detail, namely, the place of delivery of firewood and what amounts to carry them, the cycle of deliveries, the form of payment (customers with pre-pay do a discount), and the species of firewood which is in the immediate vicinity of the delivery. For example, a customer ordered an ash, it really is an excellent hardwood, but in the vicinity of the delivery place of cutting ash is not, we offered to replace the oak tree savings in shipping was 25% of the total cost. So please contact us and we will recommend you and find the best option.